ABOUT Wolfgang

Wolfgang Jasper has been a professional artist for over 45 years.  Born in northern Germany, he emigrated with his family to the United States at a young age.  After becoming an American citizen in the late 1960s he was drafted to serve in Vietnam.  Surviving this, he completed his fine arts education in Virginia, obtaining his Master of Fine Arts degree from VCU in 1981.  He taught Art Foundation Drawing and Advanced Drawing classes in the VCU Arts department for over 20 years . During that time he was also a faculty member at the VMFA Studio School.  He was also a professional portrait photographer from 1971-2020. The pandemic facilitated the decision to fully retire from portrait photography in order to devote his time, and direct his creativity fully to painting and drawing.

His oil and wax paintings, and charcoal drawings,  are created from what he considers the collective unconscious.  His works have been collected and exhibited in many parts of the United States and abroad, including Germany, France, Belgium, Uzbekistan, Russia, South Korea, and China.  Wolfgang also works in photography, digital art, ceramics, sculpture, and collage.