About Sven & Tolley

Beth & Wolfgang circa 1995 - we would always include a "selfie" when photographing the artwork.
The Early Years

So...who are *Sven & Tolley???

Surprise ! It's us ! Wolfgang & Beth! (*Those are our middle names. )

With an MFA ( Wolfgang, 1981) , and a BFA ( Beth,1997) , from VCU Arts in Painting and Printmaking ; we've been professional artists in one capacity or another ever since.  We each work in a variety of mediums including charcoal, oil & wax, ink, ceramics, sculpture, photography, and digital art. Our digital art began with Photoshop, way back in 2004, before there were smartphones, Apps, or even digital filters!

Today, the Sven & Tolley product line focuses on our photographic and digital art, as well as surface design for fabric, wallpaper, and other products.

Our original paintings and drawings, limited and open edition prints, and other fine art original work, e.g. sculpture and ceramics are available through Sven & Tolley, LLC.